Popanyinning Main Street Redevelopment Public Comment on DRAFT Plan

Published on Thursday, 25 February 2021 at 10:23:01 AM

The Shire of Cuballing are progressing a redevelopment project in Francis Street, Popanyinning and is seeking feedback from adjoining residents and the community on the DRAFT Plan.  

Comment is to be received by Wednesday 10th March 2021.

The DRAFT Popanyinning Main Street Redevelopment Plan is also available on the Shire website and from the Shire of Cuballing. 

The Popanyinning Main Street Redevelopment is proposed to include:

  • constructing and sealing the parking lane on the east side of Francis Street. This area causes dust issues for residents when large vehicles pull of the Francis Street to park;
  • installing concrete kerbing on the eastern edge of Francis Street;
  • correcting pavement failures on the parking lane on the east side of Francis Street. The damaged kerbing on the western edge of Francis street would then be replaced;
  • installing 8 nibs in Francis Street to improve parking and provide traffic calming. The nibs would have low height plantings;
  • removing the large Sugar Gum adjacent to the Bus Stop. This shallow rooted tree is damaging the street pavement and the Shire has needed to treat the tree for termite infestations in the past.  This tree would be replaced with other, more suitable plants;
  • replacing the current street bin mounts with more appealing bin surrounds;
  • correcting the drainage at the intersection of Howard and Francis Street; and
  • completing white lining on new parking areas. Existing lines would be repainted. 

The Shire of Cuballing welcomes all comment on the DRAFT Popanyinning Main Street Redevelopment Plan.  Please submit your comment to the Shire of Cuballing by Wednesday 10th March 2021 by:

  • telephoning the Shire on 08 9883 6031;
  • an email to enquiries@cuballing.wa.gov.au;
  • by mail to PO Box 13, CUBALLING WA  6311; or
  • by calling into the Shire Office.

Further information can be obtained from

  • Manager Works & Services, Mr Bruce Brennan, on 0427 836 063 or worksmanager@cuballing.wa.gov.au; or
  • CEO, Mr Gary Sherry, on 0427 836 063 or ceo@cuballing.wa.gov.au.



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