Gift Register

An amendment to the Local Government Act 1995 has imposed disclosure requirements on employees and Councillors in regards to gifts and travel contributions.

Councillors and designated employees are required to declare gifts and travel contributions within 10 days of receipt, as opposed to in the annual return. The Local Government is required to provide this information on their official website. 

Please find the disclosures for gifts for each Councillor and designated employee for the Shire of Cuballing here.

Tender Register

Tender Register Index 2020                                                   

Pursuant to Local government (Functions and General) Regulations 1996, Part 4, Div2 r.17 Tenders register

Tender Register can be viewed here

Register Complaints

Rules of Conduct complaints Register

Pursuant to S5.121 Local Government Act 1995

Council Member about whom the complaint was made

Name of Person who made the complaint

Description of minor breach (that the standards panel finds has occurred)

Details of action taken under section 5.110(6)(b) or (c)

Cr Deb Hopper

S Kepert

Regulation 7 – Securing personal advantage or disadvantaging others

 After considering the information in the complaint form and the attached letter, the Standards Panel decided, under section 5.110(3A) of the Act, to refuse to deal with the Complaint because it was vexatious

Register Financial Register

Register of Financial Interests

In accordance with the Local Government Legislation Amendment Act 2019,  requires the entire Register of Financial Interests to be published on the local government's website.

Section 5.88(2) requires that the Register contains:

  • Primary (s5.75) and Annual Returns (s5.76) only for current relevant persons (i.e. Council Members and Designated employees) (subject to s5.88(3) and
  • Elected member direct financial , indirect financial and proximity interests disclosed at meetings (s5.65) and
  • Employee direct financial, indirect financial and proximity interests disclosed relating to delegated authority (s5.71) and
  • Will require the CEO to disclose interests relating to gifts in accordance with advice or reports provided directly or indirectly to the council or a committee (s5.71A)

Note the register contains disclosures made since January 2016 and will be updated on a monthly basis. 

To view the Register of Financial Interests please CLICK HERE.

Register Electoral Gifts

Electoral Gifts

Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997

Electoral Gifts

The Local Government Act and Elections Regulations require that gifts made to a candidate for election to Council must be declared.

The Regulations stipulate that –

BOTH candidate and donor must declare the gift

  • the requirements is on all candidates, regardless of whether or not they are a current councillor
  • gifts from an unidentified source are not permitted
  • gifts of more than $200 must be declared
    • includes the promise of a gift before it is actually received
    • gift is not only financial but includes an item or service
    • the value of a “heavy discount” is considered to be gift
    • if the total value of gifts from one source exceeds $200, all gifts received must be declared
  • exceptions – disclosure is not required if it is:
    • from a relative as defined by the Local Government Act
    • left to you in a will
    • unrelated to the election
    • volunteer labour
  • the disclosure period starts 6 months prior to the election and finishes 3 days afterwards;
  • disclosure of gifts received or promised for an election must be advised in writing to the CEO:
    • within 3 business days of nomination –
    • after nomination, within 3 days of receipt or promise of the gift
  • the Regulations list the mandatory information that is to be notified to the CEO:
    • the CEO is to record the details in an Electoral Gifts Register
    • the Electoral Gifts Register is open to public inspection, but does not have to be placed on the website

Penalties of up to $5,000 apply to some offences.

In effect, if you are interested in nominating as a candidate for the next election, you need to be recording any gifts received for election purposes, as stipulated above.  If you decide not to continue, no disclosure is required.  If you do decide to continue, these early gifts must be disclosed within 3 days of nomination.

Register of Electoral Gifts can be found here

Registers of Fees and Allowances

Register of Fees and Allowances Paid to Elected Members


Local Government Act 1995 s 5.96A

Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1196 r 29C(f).

This register is updated to the Shire Website no later than 14 July each Financial year, pursuant to Local Government Act 1995, s5.96A and Reg 29c(2)(f)&(5)

of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996.                                                                                              

Financial Year

  Councillor Name


Shire President’s Allowance

Deputy Shire President Allowance

Annual Meeting Fee

ICT Allowance  Travel Reimbursement 

Conference Expenses



Cr Eliza Dowling

Shire President








Cr Robert Harris

Deputy Shire President








Cr Dawson Bradford

Elected Member







Cr Julie Christensen

Elected Member








Cr Adrian Kowald

Elected Member








Cr Peter Dowdell

Elected Member


















*These elected Members were elected for part of the financial year.