Planning Services

Water Requirements

Outside the Water Corporation area, all buildings intended for residential use must be provided for the catchment and storage of rainwater in suitable tanks. Otherwise a bore of a reticulated supply of portable water is to be provided and connected to the house. When submitting plans for the erection of a dwelling house be sure to indicate from where you will be drawing your water supply.

Private Swimming Pool

All private swimming pools are to be approved and licenced by the Shire and are to be enclosed by a child-proof fence of not less than 1.2 metres in height, incorporating a self-closing and locking gate. Swimming pools are to comply with the Local Government Act Building Regulations 1989 as amended and the fences and gates must be inspected prior to water being added to the pool. An inspection of all private swimming pools is carried out at least once every four years.

For further information contact Mr Tim Jurrmann.