The LEAP Grant Program seeks to provide financial support to local service, community and sporting organisations to provide facilities and events for local residents. 

The total contribution from LEAP to an event or project is a maximum of $2,000.

Organisations may be granted more than one LEAP application within a financial year but the total of amounts approved are not to exceed $2,000 in total.

Council will provide financial support under LEAP on a 50% (LEAP)/ 50% (organisation) basis.

An organisation is to contribute to their event or project:

  • at least half of the organisations total contribution is to be a cash contribution (ie the cash contribution will be equal to half the amount requested from LEAP); and
  • in-Kind works of up to half of the applicant’s total required contribution may be considered by Council as part of the applicant’s contribution.

Eligible events and projects include:

  1. capital projects that have an anticipated life span of over 5 years,
  2. events that are open to participation of the community as a whole; and/or
  3. any other project approved by Council that befits the “Spirit” of LEAP.

Events and projects that are not eligible applications include:

  1. consumables or general maintenance;
  2. disposable items;
  3. retrospective funding; and/or
  4. any application Council considers is not in the “Spirit” of LEAP


Completed application forms should be submitted to Council for consideration a minimum 4 weeks before the event or project funding is required.

 At the project completion a LEAP acquittal form must be completed to finalise the funding agreement which is included on the application form.