Cuballing Tavern

The Cuballing Tavern was built in 1891 and over the years has been known as the Cuballing Pool Hotel, Bullara Hotel and the Cuballing Hotel.

The first Cuballing Tavern was a seven roomed galvanised iron structure, incorporating a brick built kitchen and wash house (laundry) at the back. In 1905/06 the building was destroyed and so a new one was erected of brick, which was single story.

The new building incorporated the old kitchen and laundry and three cellars which were built in the foundations.

In 1912 a second story was added on, with eleven bedrooms upstairs. The exterior walls are built with local bricks and features two elaborate pediments that bear the name of the place and date of the construction of the upper level.

Previous owners, Fran Craig and Peter Patterson, bought the tavern in 1989 and made extensive changes to the building including a delightful barbecue area and beer garden. The original brick built kitchen and laundry are still used, one as a store room and the other as a cool room.

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Cuballing Tavern