Building Services 

The Shire of Cuballing Building Officer is Mr Tim Jurmann. tim is available at the Shire Office on a weekly rotation (Monday)  between 9:00am and 3:00pm. Tim can be contacted on 9883 6031 or

Building Licences

If you propose to erect any building or out-building, alter or make additions to any existing building or outbuilding, demolish or remove any building or outbuilding, construct a swimming pool or erect a patio, pergola or the like then you need to apply for town planning development and building approval.

Building applications should include two copies of:

  • Site Plan
  • Working Drawings
  • Plumbing and electrical detail
  • Specifications

All application forms are available from the Shire Office.

An application fee is payable when the plans are lodged.

When your plans and specifications are passed you will be issued with a Building Licence. Also you will be advised of any conditions that apply to your application.

Private Certifications

The Building Surveyor can assist with the following Certifications:

  • BA3 Certificate of Design Compliance
  • BA18 Certificate of Building Compliance
  • BA17 Certificate of Construction Compliance
  • Resolution of BA21 Building Order for Illegal or Non-Compliant Structures

Costs for these works are as per Council's Fees & Charges schedule. Please contact the Building Surveyor for a quote.  

Building Setbacks (Townsite)

As a general rule no building shall be constructed within a distance of 7.5m from the road and rear boundary. Minimum side boundaries are set by a complicated formula however generally no building shall be erected within 1.5m of any other lot boundary. These setbacks may be reduced by a decision of Council - if there is a compelling argument put forward.

All buildings must be at least 1.22m clear of septic tanks and at least 1.8m clear of leach drains.

Building Setbacks (Rural)

No building shall be constructed within a distance of 20 metres from the road boundary of your lot and no building shall be erected within 20 metres of any other lot boundary. A reduction is setbacks may be permitted if it is shown to the satisfaction of Council that for reasons of topography or lot configuration the prescribed setbacks cannot be adhered to. All buildings must be at least 1.2 metres clear of septic tanks and at least 1.8 metres clear of leach drains.

Many rural blocks have building envelopes created at the time of subdivison. Should you wish to relocate this envelope, approval will be required. A detailed application in writing, including a clear scaled plan, should be submitted.