Dryandra State Forest

Dryandra State ForestDryandra Woodland covers a total of 28,000 hectares, with 17,500 hectares being in the Cuballing Shire. The seventeen separate bush blocks that make up Dryandra Woodland are among the largest and most valuable for nature conservation in the central western Wheatbelt.

Trees such as jarrah, wandoo and powderbark are found within Dryandra, as well as isolated areas of marri, mallee and rock sheoak. Thickets of rock sheoak provide habitat for several of Dryandra's rare species, including tammar wallabies and red tailed phascogales. A plantation of brown mallet predominates in Dryandra.

Dryandra houses 13 species of native ground-dwelling mammals, such as small kangaroo-like Woylie, tammar wallaby, numbats, small striped marsupials, insects, honeyeaters, honey possums and pygmy possums. You can enjoy a quiet walk through the bush and may be rewarded with a glimpse of the timid numbat. To see woylies and tammar wallabies you will need a torch as they only come out at night.

A number of trails have been developed for you to enjoy by foot, bicycle, horseback or car. There is also a tourist radio on 100 FM. Accommodation is available at the Lions Dryandra Village Inc. Phone: (08) 9884 5231.

Also located in the heart of Dryandra is Barna Mia, an animal sanctuary constructed to provide visitors with an opportunity to view at close range a number of threatened native marsupials.

For more information telephone C.A.L.M. on (08) 9881 9200 or (08) 9884 5231 or go to www.parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au.

Dryandra State Forest Dryandra State Forest Dryandra State Forest