Annual Bush Fire Notice


The Bush Fire Notice includes contact information for Fire Control Officers, information on Fire Break requirements and land owner responsibilities in relation to fire prevention. 


The Prohibited Burning Period in  the Shire of Cuballing is from 1st November to 1st  March each year.


The Restricted Burning Periods each year are:

  • 1 October to 31 October 
  • 2 March to 19 April

** These dates are subject to slight variation according to seasonal conditions, but any alterations will be advertised. Alternatively contact the Shire Office on 08 9883 6031.

Permit To Set Fire To The Bush

  • Permits to burn are required for the whole of the Restricted Burning Periods and should only be obtained from the area Fire Control Officer.
  • Any special conditions imposed by the Fire Control Officer when issuing permits must be strictly adhered to.
  • The permit holder shall give notice of his intention to burn to:
    • The Shire Office on the morning before the day the fire is to be lit or if the permit is issued on the weekend or a holiday the first working day after the issue date.
    • The owner(s) or occupier(s) of adjoining land
    • The nearest CALM office, if the land is situated within 3km of the State Forrest Land.
  • PERIOD OF NOTICE to neighbours prior to burning cannot be more than 28 days or less than 4 days although lesser notice may be determined by mutual agreement of all neighbours.
  • All land owners and occupiers who incur a bush fire have an obligation to assist each Fire Control Officer to complete a Fire Report form.
  • GARDEN REFUSE OR RUBBISH burnt on the ground may be lit only between 6pm and 11pm and must be completely extinguished with water or earth by midnight. All flammable matter is to be cleared within 5 meters of all points of the site of the fire. A person must be in attendance during the whole time the fire is burning.
  • Any INCINERATOR used to burn rubbish must be properly constructed - an open drum with or without a lid is not an appropriate incinerator.
  • It is in the interest of ALL rural residents to be registered members of the Bush Fire Brigade covering the area wherein they own land. Membership of a brigade is the safest way to ensure cover under the Shire're Bush Fire Insurance Policy which covers personal injury and damage to equipment resulting from fighting bush fires.
    Camp fires within the Shire of Cuballing during the restricted and prohibited burning period are prohibited.