Town Planning Scheme Amendment Available For Inspection

Published on Tuesday, 12 May 2020 at 12:37:16 PM

Town Planning Scheme Amendment Available For Inspection

Shire of Cuballing Town Planning Scheme No.2 - Amendment No.5

Notice is hereby given that the local government of the Shire of Cuballing has prepared the above mentioned planning scheme amendment.   

The Amendment proposes amending the R-Coding and the zoning of various properties in Alton, Austral and Beeston Streets Cuballing. 

Documents setting out and explaining the scheme amendment have been deposited at and at the Shire office will be open for inspection during office hours up to and including Thursday 9th July 2020. 

Submissions on the planning scheme amendment may be lodged in writing and should include the amendment number and details of the submission and lodged with the undersigned on or before Thursday 9th July 2020. 

Please address submissions to

Shire of Cuballing
PO Box 13

Alternatively, submissions may be e-mailed to

Gary Sherry

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