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Thinking about Popanyinning’s Future!

Published: Tuesday, 27 March 2018 at 3:54:33 PM

Thinking about Popanyinning’s Future!

6pm Tuesday 13th March 2018

About 30 people attended a workshop at the Popanyinning Hall on Tuesday 13th March 2018 to discuss Popanyinning’s future. 

Respected facilitator Peter Kenyon motivated and led the group to focus on what might be possible or desirable in Popanyinning’s future. 

The thinking and discussion focused on four areas:

  • What new things would we like to see in Popanyinning;
  • What things that are in Popanyinning now do we really want to keep;
  • What things in Popanyinning would we like to change;
  • What things that have been lost in Popanyinning that we want to bring back.

While some of the ideas raised were fanciful or farfetched, most were ideas that would make a positive improvement to Popanyinning. 

People were also encouraged to submit their ‘Big Idea for Popanyinning’.  Some of the big ideas included:

  • Revamp the main street. Unique entrance, more tourist parking, large playground, picnic areas;
  • Develop main streetscape horticulturally and activity wise;
  • Plan to beautify the area around the shop (including the shop) to attract people to stop; and
  • Create a community garden in the park.

The list of ideas generated under each heading were then ranked in importance by the participants.  The higher ranked ideas, including scores were:

Having a strong Local Association to represent Popanyinning                                12

Relocated the playground to the other side of the main street                                12

Start a Social Club/Pub to allow the community to come together regularly           11

Improve the main street appearance                                                                        11

Provide WIFI in main street                                                                                      11

Retain the Popanyinning Shop                                                                                 11

Clean up Popanyinning                                                                                               9

Build a Skate Park                                                                                                      8

Retain the Caravan Park                                                                                             7

Have an identity/theme for Popanyinning                                                                   7

Record/Display Stories of Popanyinning’s links to War (ANZAC’s)                           9

A more detailed summary of the responses and ideas generated can be viewed at the links below:

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