Firebreak Order

Bush Fire Act 1954

All owners and occupiers of land in the district of the Shire of Cuballing are required on or before 31 October every year to provide and thereafter maintain free of all inflammable material until 15 May of the following year, firebreaks as stipulated in the manner described in the following schedule.


  • All lots with an area of 2,024m2 (1/2 acre) or less, shall be clear of all inflammable material or have grass mown to a height no greater than 5cm.
  • All lots or combination of lots that comprise of one holding and having an area of 2,024m2 (1/2 acre) or greater shall be either clear of all inflammable material or have a firebreak 2.5 metres wide free of all inflammable material provided inside and along all external boundaries.



  • Building and Haystacks

A firebreak of at least 4 metres wide and not more than 40 metres from the perimeter of all buildings (including temporary dwellings e.g. caravans) and/or haystacks or goups of buildings and/or haystacks so s to completely surround the buildings, haystacks and/or fuel dumps.

Any fodder being stored within 100 metres of a building must have a 20 metre break around it.

  • Bulldozed Bush

A firebreak 20 metres wide shall be maintained immediately inside the external boundaries of all land which has been bulldozed, chained or prepared in any similar manner for clearing by burning (whether it is intended to burn the bush or not).

  • Stationary Pumps/Motors

A firebreak 4 metres wide shall be cleared and maintained around all stationery pumps and motors.

  • Harvesting Operations

During the period when harvesting operations are being conducted, there shall be provided in the same paddock or within 400 metres of that paddock an operational independent mobile fire fighting unit having a water capacity of not less than 650 litres. The tank of the unit shall be kept full of water at all times during the harvest operations. The responsibility to supply the unit being that of the land owner.

  • Harvest Bans and Other Bans

Permitted activity - Loading and offloading of grain and fertiliser is only permitted on sites which have been cleared of all inflammable material save live standing trees to a radius of at least 50 metres with a laneway access similarly cleared to a minimum of 4 metres. A mobile fire fighting unit should be in attendance at all times, where possible.

  • Operation of Plant and Machinery

During the restricted and prohibited burning periods, all harvesters and trucks carting grain shall not be operated on rural land unless fitted with a fire extinquisher.

  • Paddock Burns

At any time throughout the year, where a land owner intends to burn paddocks, the following must be provided to prevent the escape of fire:

    • A firebreak 2.5 metres wide clear of all inflammable material completely surrounding the area to be burnt
    • An operational fire fighting unit having a capacity of not less than 650 litres
    • Permits to burn may be required. Contact your Fire Control Officer for details.


  • Variations to Requirements

If it is considered impracticable or undesirable to provide firebreaks as required by this order, the approval of the Council must be obtained for any variation. Approval will only be granted up to or before the 17 October in any year, and will not be obtained unless the prior consent of the appropriate Fire Control Officer has been obtained.

A townsite lot or location shall be considered for a variation if the whole of the lot or location has been mowed or slashed to a height of no more than 5cm and that any leaf or debris material being standing or otherwise shall not exceed 5cm.

  • Penalty for failure to comply

The penalty for failing to comply with this notice is a fine of up to $1000. If the owner or occupier fails to carry out the works required by this Firebreak Order the Shire of Cuballing may enter the land and prepare the firebreaks at the cost of the owner or occupier.

  • Burning

If the requirements of this notice are carried out by burning, such burning must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Bush Fire Act 1954.

Please note the burning of blocks within the gazetted townsites of Cuballing and Popanyinning is permitted, however is discouraged because of the visual amenity.

NOTE: All absentee landowners/occupiers are asked to notify their Fire Control Officer of their contact telephone number and address. If you are unaware of your Fire Control Officer, all contacts are available on this website or at the Shire Office on 08 9883 6031.